Why, oh why another useless blog

by Meritxell Riera Prims

Because my mind wanders. All the time. And lately it is ungovernable. And the best way to give an outlet to all these thoughts is writing them down and sharing them with whomever wants to read them.

Because I like to write every now and then, although I’m not consistent. In fact I’m not consistent in anything I do. We’ll see about this weblog. It might be another failure to add to my record. Who knows.

Because I’m an exhibitionist. These days you can be an exhibitionist on any social network on the internet. The thing is, here you don’t need to befriend anybody you might end up disliking and not knowing how to get rid of because you do actually depend on others liking you, which by the way is, I know, quite pathetic.

This is probably the worst cover letter ever. But keep in touch if you’re brave. And feel free to eventually dislike me. Or even hate me.