Ode to my father

by Meritxell Riera Prims

Have you ever noticed that in any art form (music, literature, cinema) there’s hardly any reference to the father figure? The mother is always that individual we all seem to tend to in our time of need, seeking protection, understanding, compassion, nurturing. Even in Judeo-Christian tradition the mother figure is the one that is reverenced. Obviously it is the woman who carries each and every one of us in her womb for nine months and I can imagine -even though I have no children yet- this creates a strong bond between both entities. But what about the male parent? I’d like to introduce some change in that inclination and praise some of my father’s best attributes, particularly two that you scarcely find theses days and for that reason I find even more valuable than they are in themselves: honor and loyalty.

Yes, my father is a man of honor. His word is always reliable. He comes from a time when you didn’t need to sign any paper to make a deal or reaching an agreement. Your sole word and some handshaking sufficed. And you had to do what you had promised to do, lest to be considered an unreliable person for the rest of your days. Everybody was aware of that. I am absolutely positive that my father has never ceased to pay his debts any single day of his life (if he’s ever had any).

On the other hand, he’s a loyal and a reliable man. He’s definitely not determined and brave, but he’s surely trustworthy and devoted to those he loves. And he’s a man of strong principles. My father’s been voting the same political party for at least thirty years (it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t exactly the most popular at the moment), and I admire that. Yes, I do. Because even if I don’t share my father’s political views (he’s a little too conservative for me), I certainly value the fact that he will stand for what (and whom) he believes in no matter what. And that’s rare these days, when people go from unrealistic worshipping to turning their back on you overnight after you’ve made a single, petty mistake.

Yes, I believe for these reasons (let alone the fact that he’s the man who helped begetting me and I love him -as cheesy as it may sound-) my father deserves this little homage.