What year is this again…?

by Meritxell Riera Prims

the-eye-of-sauron_3133429bI can’t hardly believe it, but tomorrow the so called (excuse me while I laugh) ‘Law of citizenship security’, popularly known as ‘Gag law’ goes into effect in our country.
Citizens won’t be able to take pictures of police officers beating up someone in a demonstration, for instance. You can’t use the social nets to summon people to join a protest. You also need permission to call a demonstration. You can’t make jokes about the monarchy either. Trying to stop an eviction might carry a fine of between 100 and 600.000€, as well as occupying a bank.
You have to cooperate with the police or any other law enforcement agent under any circumstances, whenever you’re required to do so, as well as identify yourself.

To sum up, this is the country where I’ve had to live these hard times. And it’s not fair. Not fair that when you’re supposedly living in a democratic system you aren’t even allowed to mock the mistakes your own stupid government is making. They want to make us believe that it’s for our own safety, for our own good. Fuck them.

I think we’ll have to do something to outwit this law… As some of you may have guessed by now, I’m a great cinema lover. At the beginning of the thirties, the Hays Code censorship was enforced in the USA, and the cinema professionals couldn’t show, for instance, any sign of police corruption, or gang or racketeers’ violence on screen. Definetely a very timely step in a politically convulsed era. But the scriptwriters were resourceful enough to leak their ideas to the audience through witty means. 

I trust those fighters who’ve always been out there to keep doing the same thing. And for us to support them.

Picture of the eye of Sauron, villain from The Lord of the Rings, a trilogy by Peter Jackson based on the books by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien