My good/bad eye

by Meritxell Riera Prims


Christine Baranski plays a lawyer and a staunch democrat who falls in love with -and eventually marries- a gun lover and equally staunch Tea Party sympathizer played by Gary Cole in The Good Wife.


I’m pretty intuitive when it comes to judging characters. The problem is precisely that: I judge. It’s not just making someone out, but also evaluating them. And I project on others. I also take them for granted. I tend to form a bond too fast and easily with people I’ve just met or I hardly know because I think I know them as soon as I catch a glimpse of a few traits that remind me of myself.

The irony in all of this is that I’m attracted to people who are the actual opposite of what I am (as a straight woman, I include men in here), or what I think I am: I love passionate, fearless and charismatic individuals.
The problem is I feel terribly intimidated by these types because I assume they might find me boring, and because I usually can’t make them out or control them. That should feel exciting, but it sometimes scares me.