In aeternum

by Meritxell Riera Prims


Bronze head from a statue of the Roman emperor Augustus (27-25 bC)

Someone once said :

“If life were measured by accomplishments, most of us would die in infancy.”

Before discussing this quotation we should perhaps redefine our notion of accomplishment. If achieving something is about “making it big”, then yeah, we’re all doomed. If it means making money, gaining recognition or fame, building the pyramids… well, yes, most of us are definetely going to die incomplete.

The point is, our idea of accomplishment is that of doing things in order to being praised by others’s on our deeds and actions, when in fact we shouldn’t depend on other people’s approval or rejection to move on.

Moreover, I’ve always had a hard time being persistent in my pursuits because I needed to find a purpose in everything I deed, and something inside me was telling me that everything is meaningless itself. I was right: it’s us who give it its meaning simply by doing it.

I wake up every morning and apparently I don’t do much. Most of the time moving on is just enough. But it’s a great deal in my own little world. If I ever stopped doing what I do, as small as it is, nothing would make sense… and by the time I tried to resume what I was doing the act or deed itself would have lost its own meaning as well.