Owner of a lonely heart

by Meritxell Riera Prims

Owner of a lonely heart was a hit by British progressive rock band Yes featured in their 1983 pop era masterpiece 90125.

Remember that Simpsons episode where Lisa draws a graph on the relationship between intelligence and happiness saying “As intelligence goes up, happiness goes down.”?

I hate that cliché, and what is more: I refuse to believe it.

Being intelligent means having more and better resources to reach happiness (or at least a state of mind that resembles happiness). Of course you can be intelligent and be unhappy. You can, either way, be dumb and be unhappy.

There are several types of intelligence as well. To me, being intelligent means basically adaptability (especially to the environment, but also to the group). But that leads us to a problematic issue: hierarchy between species that eventually has legitimized the exploit of Nature by humankind. Is a penguin necessarily less intelligent or even expendable or profitable to us humans because it can only live in extremely cold climates?

As for the adaptability, it also brings forward a problematic issue: a hierarchy among humans themselves. Is someone with DNS or with palsy less intelligent because they have a constant need of others to live? But since we are all dependent throughout our lives, and at least especially in need of others in two stages of it, childhood and old age, is the intelligence of us “normal” people fluctuating?

Humankind is a gregarious species. There is a reasonable dependency on others up to a certain point. However, it’s true that we are basically alone in our path to reach a higher level of conciousness. Maybe being aware of that is what makes us fearful and unhappy, and it also makes us search for shelter in others, instead of simply searching someone to keep us company along the way.

But being alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely. Being alone -and realising about it- doesn’t have to mean being unhappy.