My favourite outfit

by Meritxell Riera Prims

Masque frontal

Kwakiutl transformation mask

I love people who, no matter what, make you feel free whenever you’re around them.

You can be, say, do what you want and you won’t ever be judged.

I used to be afraid of those people, because since I had no clue about what they expected from me, I didn’t know how to act in front of them. It made me feel frustrated. Any kind of demonstration was useless.

I am used to trying to prove myself before others all the time. But with those people these strategies won’t do.

And that’s because they’re able to love you for what you are and will be. There’s no room for admiration. Just pure love.

I’ve never said that before, but my favourite outfit is and has always been naked. You never feel as free as when you show your bare skin. 

Unfortunately, morals are a huge obstacle in our society to attain that kind of freedom.

We wear our clothes and behavior as our identity and as a mask. But I never feel as free as when I get rid of them.

When you’re right next to someone who’s a free spirit, you feel that kind of freedom, like the breeze caressing every corner of your body.

(To my friend Y.)