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Month: August, 2016

Reality bites

The fisher king

A shot from Terry Gilliam‘s The fisher king (1991)

When reality strikes is usually merciless. I can only pray for it not to interfere with my dreams.


(Always guilty) until proven otherwise


Cary Grant is wrongly accused of stabbing a man at the UN headquarters and chased after throughout the whole Hitchcock‘s classic North by northwest (1959).

Ever since I was a child, whenever I see a movie or a TV series, or I read a book where the main premise is that of an ordinary innocent man (or woman) accused of a crime serving as an excuse to prove that the death penalty is a mistake, I think: ‘that won’t do’.

There is no excellence in pardoning who was already innocent, but actually who has indeed committed a crime, as horrific as this might be. That’s the value of true forgiveness, defending that the death penalty is wrong, even if there are people out there capable of the worst deeds.

That’s the difference between seeking sheer justice (which usually means using the regulatory channels to take revenge, since the system doesn’t allow the offended to take revenge themselves -oh, the irony) and true compassion. 

Forgiveness is too difficult, of course. That’s why is the least chosen path. 

And no: forgiving is not a divine matter. Not unless you still think that God is some fearsome entity that lives above our heads and sees and judges all of our acts, and will punish or award us in the end of times according to our behaviour.

God is supposed to live in all of us. The meaning of life lies in eventually finding it.



Pieter Bruegel The Elder‘s 1563 classic The tower of Babel

It’s not about suppressing the differences to avoid conflict: it’s about learning to live with them and tolerating each other.

Tricky memories

It’s up to you to decide whether it was a dream or a nightmare.

Everyday is a new beginning


Korean artist Kim Keun Joong‘s painting, which was used as an allegory in 2006 k-drama Time between dog and wolf.

This post title may seem optimistic. It may sound as if life was giving you another chance everytime you open your eyes to a new morning. And that’s true. But at the same time, every morning can also be a prelude to a huge fight. A fight to maintain your own illusions by connecting with your innermost purest, innermost feelings and try to be loyal to your dreams. And try not to let your fears and insecurities deceive you. Because even when you’ve met your better self and you’ve made an oath to obey it, and only it, to trust your own instincts to guide you through the darkest paths in life, even so, it’ll still be hard to keep your self-confidence.


Too proud


Bette Davis entering the ball room in a red dress in a famous scene from William Wyler‘s Jezebel (1938).


Sometimes I can give up on anything except my pride. I can be too proud even to admit that Ihave too much pride.