Allegory of the outcast planet

by Meritxell Riera Prims


A picture of Pluto taken by the space probe New Horizons in 2015.

Teacher: Saying that the solar system has nine planets is not valid anymore. Anyone know the reason?

Yoo Jin: Pluto was kicked out. Now they call it planet number 134340.

Teacher: And do you know why?

Yoo Jin: It’s too far away from the Sun and it has an unstable orbit. Also, it’s not round like the other planets and its mass is too small.

Myung Ho: What a loser…

Teacher: Yoo Jin is right.

Joon: (whispering) That’s wrong.

Soo Jin: Joon says he doesn’t agree.

Teacher: Why not? What’s the reason?

Joon: The reason Pluto was kicked out is because of the assumption that the Solar System is the centre of the universe. We have to consider if this assumption is correct. If being too far away from the Sun is a reason, doesn’t it mean that if it comes closer its status is restored? It’s absurd to evaluate a star by its shape, size, mass or distance from the Sun. Stars are born and die just like humans. The Sun is old already. Nothing is forever.


A dialogue excerpt from South Korean movie Pluto (2013).