Anger is a gift

by Meritxell Riera Prims

Sometimes you just need to indulge in an outburst of fury. Otherwise it might eat away your insides, just like an infected wound that needs some cleaning and airing lest your whole body rots.

It’s not fair that an emotion of negativity that didn’t originally come from your own self ends up becoming a means of self-boycott, self-punishment and self-blame.

Rage allows you to drive away an emotion that does not belong to you and you’ve just inherited.

And let’s get things straight: people who’ve gained things that had been denied to them for long haven’t done it with a smile on their faces. They had to tell themselves that they weren’t putting up with it no more and painfully fight their way through it.

Therefore, sometimes anger IS truly a gift, and as such you have to receive it and embrace it.

At first it hurts, just as, as I said before, an infected wound you need to treat in order for it to eventually heal. And whomever has to endure your rage may hurt as well. Actually the pain you inflict that somebody is directly proportional to the pain you’ve been inflicting yourself, and above all, to the amount of time you’ve been storing up all the uneasiness.

And then again, sometimes it’s just ok to shoot first and then, if necessary, apologize or ask for forgiveness, only when you’ve already forgiven yourself.